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Rules of the Knick Nac Tour

This is just a brief summary of what is expected as a member of the Knick NAC tour. These are not anything new or different to the world of golf, just a reminder to always be honest and ethical when participating in any tour event or dealing with any tour players/members. Please read below before you sign your application and make sure you always have fun!

1. You must realize this tour is for FUN. Even though we have many good golfers on this tour, the purpose is to have fun while enjoying the game of golf. Friendly competition is good, but donít take it to the extreme.

2. Always represent the Knick NAC Tour in a positive way. Remember that your actions will reflect on the tour itself and its members. We ask that you honor the TRADITION of golf the way it was meant to be.

3. When you commit to a tour event, upfront fees will be paid on or before the due date or you will give up your spot at that event.

4. Remember, you are an ambassador of the Knick NAC tour at all times. Please remember to try and promote the tour at non-event functions as well.

5. You must always wear knickers at all Knick NAC tour events. This goes back to the reason this tour was started. We recognize what Payne Stewart meant to the game of golf and we will always remember him for it. The Knick NAC tour is FOR PAYNE.



Presentation to Payne Stewart Foundation Scholorship Fund
Presenting a check to the Payne Stewart Foundation Scholorship Fund - 2006
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