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KnickNAC Tour™ - History of the Tour


      It all began in the summer of 2004 with Bill Holtry, Jr., who is now known as The Commish or Commissioner of the Knicker National Argyle Champions Tour. Bill had already been collecting autographed pictures and golf paraphernalia relating to the late great Payne Stewart in his Columbus, Ohio, home, when he received a photograph in the mail from his father, William Holtry, Sr. It was a picture of Mr. Holtry and four golf partners all decked out in knickers, tams, and argyle socks just for the fun of it and to honor Payne Stewart for a day.

      The Commish contacted old golfing friends Hobie Hobock in Chicago, The Box Man in Philly, Mr. Don in Pittsburgh, and R. Jackson in Columbus, and we all agreed that a golf outing in knickers made sense or no sense or nonsense, or at least it ought to be fun. So we picked up three non-knicker-wearing low-life individuals (all of whom have since converted to the cause) to fill out our foursomes and gathered at Bent Tree Golf Club in Sunbury, Ohio, for our first-ever Knickers and Tams golf outing. The event was a big success, as we knicker-clad jesters attracted much interest and attention and even upstaged the bride and groom at a wedding ceremony being held at the golf course banquet hall.
      Shortly afterwards two more golf pals, Woody from Jersey and Barnsey from South Carolina, expressed interest, and the KnickNAC Executive Board and Comedy Team was now complete.

      Two more outings followed in 2005 (with a third planned for the fall), and we now required all participants to dress up in appropriate garb. Twelve brilliantly clad golfers showed up in Tampa, Florida, for a March, 2005, event, and sixteen participated in Columbus in June. Colorful traditional golf clothing of red-white-and-blue, black-and-gold, lime green-and-white, and red and green plaids sparkled on display, along with the infamous prize-winning hot pink outfit brazenly worn by Hobie Hobock.
      For each outing we hired a bagpiper to escort golfers from driving range to clubhouse to tee. At both events we received much friendly attention from “civilian” golfers, and we began to pass out business cards inviting others to join in the fun and begin a chapter of their own in the KnickNAC Tour.

      Now we have banners to post at outings, beautiful KnickNAC Tour logo golf shirts, our own quality internet source for knicker and tam apparel, dozens of terrific and hilarious photos, a website at, and a tag line: “For Fun – For Tradition – For Payne.”
      That’s where we are right now, but who knows where we’ll go in the future. We plan to expand into branch chapters all over the country and become the tradition-honoring, fun-loving alternative to the Red Hat Society. Check us out. And welcome aboard.



Presentation to Payne Stewart Foundation Scholorship Fund
Presenting a check to the Payne Stewart Foundation Scholorship Fund - 2006
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