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Start a Chapter of The KnickNAC Tour™


Starting a Chapter

To start a chapter on the KnickNAC Tour, you must follow the following guidelines:

1.You must have 4/8 people to begin a chapter in your area. We recommend all of the members be geographically located in order to have the required 2 events per calendar year. An event is defined as 36 holes of golf over a 2-day period. We also recommend the 2nd day be a 2-man scramble format for added fun!

2. Until the membership of the chapter reaches 16 members, there will be one director of the chapter and you will only have 1 web page on our web site. This page will be used for officer recognition and event pictures. Once the chapter reaches 16 or more members, you will be given 2 pages on the web site and all officers will be recognized on the first page of the chapter link.

3. The following titles can be given to members of a chapter in order to create the officers for that chapter. A chapter that has from 4 to 15 members will only have 2 officer positions. They are Chapter Director and Chapter Treasurer. When a chapter has between 16 and 40 members, they need to add the following additional officers: Chapter Assistant Director, Chapter Secretary/Photographer, Chapter Event Coordinator. Once a chapter exceeds 40 members, the final officer will be the Chapter Membership Director.

4. All logo merchandise/clothing must be purchased through pre-approved KnickNAC Tour channels. Any violation could result in termination of chapter membership.

5. Any guest to a KnickNAC Tour event can only participate once prior to membership. They must be in knickers to play in the event!

6. All chapters must report all events to the Chief Website Officer of the KnickNAC Tour 60 days prior to the event date.

7. At the creation of a chapter, the Chapter Director is selected by membership vote. Once the director is elected, he/she will determine if any additional officers need to be elected based on number of members (as per rules above). Chapter officers will be elected annually in the month of January.

8. The executive board of the KnickNAC Tour has the right to dissolve any chapter due to the following reasons: inactive membership, disciplinary issues, rules violations, or fiscal irresponsibility.

9. Each chapter must establish a checking account for all chapter expenses. The director and treasurer must both sign off on all expenses for the chapter.

If you want to start your own chaper, and agree to the rules above: Download our application, print it, and follow the instructions!

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Presentation to Payne Stewart Foundation Scholorship Fund
Presenting a check to the Payne Stewart Foundation Scholorship Fund - 2006
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