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KnickNAC Tour™ Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ's about The KnickNAC Tour

How do I become a member?
Select the Membership tab on the left, then the individual or family membership. Complete the short application and either pay the $30 membership ($45 for family membership) fee via PayPal and click send or, print, complete, and mail your application and $30.00 (or $45 family) check to the listed address. If you have any questions call Bill Holtry at 888-KnickNAC (888-564-2562).
Do I have to start a chapter in my area if no local chapters exist?
No, your membership automatically makes you a member of the Founders' Chapter (all members are included in this original chapter). Anyone can start a chapter of their own when they want to with only 4 people.
How many golfers are required to start a chapter?
Only four people are needed to start a chapter. For more information, go to the Starting a Chapter page on our website or, call Bill Holtry at 888-KnickNAC (888-564-2562).
Do I need an official handicap to qualify to play in any local or national events?
No, please understand, if you are a good golfer, we respect your abilities, but most of the time, we are only concerned about honoring the tradition and having fun.. and if those two include a good score, great. But some of the time and most of the time, our scores are not the issue.
What are the benefits of membership?
  1. A nifty membership card emblazoned with our official logo
  2. Our quarterly newsletter, full of photos and info about people, events, apparel, and equipment. (Posted on our website.)
  3. The opportunity to form your own KnickNAC Tour chapter in your local area
  4. The opportunity to attend events whenever and wherever events take place. (Listed in the Tee Times and Events page on our website.)
  5. Use of the official website to publicize your local chapter membership lists, events, and photos
  6. Membership discounts on quality KnickNAC Tour approved golf apparel
  7. Employment networking opportunities abound. (Many in this network have done so for over 20 years.)
  8. Products and services available to members. Go to the "KnickNAC Tour Pro Shop" link on the left.
If I have any questions, who do I contact?
Call Bill Holtry at 888-KnickNAC (888-564-2562) or email Bill at Thank you from the Knicker National Argyle Champions Tour



Presentation to Payne Stewart Foundation Scholorship Fund
Presenting a check to the Payne Stewart Foundation Scholorship Fund - 2006
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